Kwik-Klean, Inc. offers brick paver restoration including: pressure washing, stripping, removal of dirt, moss, weeds, stains, re-sanding joints and sealing.

Washing: Periodic washing of brick pavers extends the life, look in addition to shields and preserves your investment.

Brick Paver Restoration Process

First, we apply a bio-degradable brick cleaning solution in combination with pressure washing to remove the white haze (that typically forms on new pavers) and/or dirt, moss, weeds, mildew and grime build up.

Secondly, we will re-sand the brick paver joints using polymeric sand, which comes in a variety of colors. After the sand has been installed, it is misted with water to lock the sand in place. This will help with insect control, weed growth as well as prevent the wash out of pavers and allow drainage.

Lastly, after the pavers have been cleaned and re-sanded the sealer can be applied. There are two options of sealers:

Macomb County Brick Paver Restoration

Option 1: Is an acrylic sealer which will give the pavers a glossy or a wet look and will enhance not only the look but also the color of the pavers.

Option 2: Is a penetrating sealer that will give the pavers a natural look with a matte finish, this is a breathable sealer that will release moisture preventing water penetration.

Brick Paver Restoration Macomb County

Brick Paver Restoration Macomb County

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Stripping of Sealer

In order to remove aged, over application of sealer or low quality sealers that may have yellowed, cracked or flaked the sealer must be stripped, which will restore the pavers to their original look.

Our Process

We apply a brick paver stripper and pressure wash to remove the aged or failed sealers. This process will returning the surface back to the natural color as well as prep the paver joints to be re-sanded and sealed.

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