Wood Restoration

Decks, Play Sets, Fences, Gazebos, Pergolas

Whether you are looking for solutions to maintain exterior wood, treating exterior wood for the first time, or perhaps you just want to restore the dull, grayed looking wood to look like new? Our process will safely remove old sealers, mold, mildew, algae, dirt & stains effectively without damaging the wood. The environmentally safe products we use will give your wood a long lasting, beautiful look.

It is important that the wood is properly prepared, a crucial step that should not be skimped. Our professional process consists of these important steps:

Wood Restoration Process

First, we wet the surrounding foliage to protect it from any over spray. Then, we apply an environmentally safe, bio-degradable wood stain stripper, removing old stain and other grunge from the wood using a low pressure wash.

Next, an eco-friendly, wood-brightener is applied which restores the wood to its natural state. The surface will then look vibrant and bright.

Lastly, once the wood has dried (typically 24 – 48 hours) we sand the tops of rails and any rough spots needed. Then we apply two coats of wood preservative stain, TWP (Total Wood Preservative), is applied using a roller, stain pads and hand brushing to all exposed wood. After allowing the stain to penetrate into the wood, any drips, runs or puddles will be back brushed.

Properly prepped and sealed wood will achieve the best results. In our experience, you should get 2, sometimes even 3 years of protection from weather damage while preserving the beauty of the wood after sealing. TWP offers several color options, the most popular choices are Cedartone, Honeytone, and Rustic. We do minor deck repairs, for major repairs we can refer you to a deck building/repair company.

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Macomb County Wood Restoration

Macomb County Wood Restoration

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