Pressure Wash Childrens Play StructureIf you’ve built a play structure for your precious little ones, it only makes sense that you’d want it to last as long as you want them to stay little. “But, it’s made of wood and wood is natural and nature is outside, so why should this thing need upkeep? I have to upkeep the kids already!” you might be wondering. Although wooden structures are sturdy and can last a long time, they still need some tender loving care after all of the damage from the elements – not to mention the kids. With a few simple steps, your kids will be so appreciative of their beautiful play structure, they won’t even ask for anything for their birthdays.

Examine the Play Structure for Damage

Children, pets, birds, sun, rain, hail, snow. All of these things are a part of a day in the life of a play structure, and all of them can cause some wear and tear on even the most hearty of wood. Do a thorough inspection of the structure. Especially check the horizontal surfaces where the sun, rain, and little feet do the most damage. If there is a lot of discoloration in a particular spot, make note of it. Make note of any areas that have accumulated ickyness – things like bird waste, mold, or questionable sticky substances – to be cleaned later. Gather all the tools you anticipate needing to clean; any households cleaners that aren’t damaging to wood, buckets, mops, sponges, scrapers, and, if you want to get really serious, a sander.

Pressure Wash and Sand the Play Structure

Use an electric or gas pressure washer and spray away the dirt and grime as much as possible. Not only is it more sanitary, it will make staining easier and the stain itself stick better and last longer. Most importantly, a clean play structure is a safe play structure. Use sandpaper or a power sander for areas that look rough or worn due to sun, rain, or foot damage.

Stain the Play Structure

Before staining, it’s important to remove hardware and swings. Remove as much as possible, leaving nothing but the wooden structure. Stain using a sprayer or paint brushes. If you have a pretty large structure, this step may take awhile. Just jam out to some music, or if the kids are old enough, get them involved (with the proper safety gear against harsh chemicals, such as gloves and face masks, of course). The good news is, high-quality stain will leave your play structure looking good for years to come, so your work will not go unappreciated. With a little work done now, your kids will still be playing on their play structure the day they graduate high school.

Pressure washing and staining a play structure can seem like a daunting process at first. But break it down into a few steps, and the work seems much less big. With just a few simple, important steps, your wooden play structure can be clean, stained, and ready to make touching childhood memories.

Pressure Wash and Stain Your Play Structure – Oakland County

If you have a children’s play structure that needs cleaning but do not have the time or the energy to pressure wash it, give us a call today.  We have been pressure washing play structures throughout Oakland County for over 25 years.