A Few Handy Tips on How to Keep Your Pavers Looking New

In recent years, homeowners have started showing a lot of interest in pavers. Pavers are versatile, durable, and accentuate the beauty of any place or area to which they are added. However, homeowners must take proper care of these pavers if they want them to retain their original glow and shine. In this article, we discuss some paver care and maintenance tips that will help you keep the shine on your pavers and your home.

Regularly Clean Your Pavers

While pavers are durable, like all flooring materials, they also undergo some degradation and wear and tear. This degradation amplifies significantly if the pavers are ignored. If you want your pavers to stay shining, make sure to regularly get rid of any stains or marks. Similarly, if you see any grease or oil on your pavers, make a soap solution and wash it right away. Washing stains and marks immediately will keep them from becoming stubborn stains that are almost impossible to get rid of and that ruin the complete beauty of the pavers.

Get Rid of the Debris from Time to Time

The construction of pavers is such that they accumulate dirt and debris, especially in the joints. Over time, this debris keeps accumulating reaching a point when it gets almost impossible to get rid of it without the help of professionals. Thus, if you want your pavers to look new, make sure to get rid of the dirt and debris that has accumulated in the joints from time to time. Regular sweeping followed by a water wash is enough to get rid of all the dust, debris, and grime.

Get Rid of the Weeds

Pavers also tend to develop weeds. Weeds are harmful in two ways. First, they can damage the foundation of your pavers. Second, they ruin the curb appeal of your outdoor space and home. Thus, homeowners must find some time out to pull weeds. The process of pulling out weed is slightly tricky; apply too much force and you will end up damaging the pavers. One easy way to get completely rid of the problem of weeds is to fill the joint gaps with paver sand. This will prevent silting, which in turn, will prevent the growth of weeds.

Prepare and Keep a Paver Cleaning Solution

Your pavers will develop marks and stains — it’s something you cannot avoid. However, you can prepare yourself to deal with these marks and stains when the time comes. If you have pavers at home, it’s a good idea to keep a paver cleaning solution ready. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Add to it a little bit of dish soap and store away. The solution will help you get rid of simple marks. However, for stains and marks caused by grease and oil, you will have to buy and keep an oil remover.

Pressure Wash Your Pavers

Not every stain can be cleaned with water and dish wash soap solution. Some stains are stubborn and do not go easy. For such stains, the most effective treatment is pressure washing. While you can easily rent out pressure washing equipment these days, handling the equipment isn’t easy. Pressure wash your pavers at the wrong setting and you run the risk of damaging them. If you do not know how to pressure wash pavers and have never done it in the past, it’s best to hire professionals.

The Final Word

Pavers are easy to maintain and when maintained well, retain their glow and shine. In most cases, regular sweeping and washing are enough to keep the pavers looking new. However, if you are up against stubborn stains and marks, we recommend you seek help from a pressure washing company with experience in the area of paver cleaning and hardscape restoration.

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