Pressure Washing for Your Fall Cleanup in Oakland County

Pressure Washing for Your Fall Cleanup in Oakland County

It’s that time of the year again; Leaves are falling and the wind is starting to get colder. It is time for the annual fall cleanup! Hopefully you’ve had a few fun parties and barbecues this summer season, and just couldn’t avoid the occasional spill; Maybe your home’s siding seems a bit more dull, and there’s dirt that just doesn’t seem to come off. Or perhaps, the patio isn’t looking too appealing anymore. If it all seems too much to handle on your own, hire a professional pressure washing service to handle the end-of-the-season cleanup for you.

Here are more reasons why pressure washing for your home will not only make this year’s fall cleanup much easier, but also help prepare your home for the coming winter:

1. No Toxic Chemicals are Used

You might be thinking that it would be easier to just go and buy some grime cleaner from the hardware store, however, most of these products use toxic chemicals that can harm your plants and even your pets. Some of the stronger ones may even be harmful to people. A pressure washer uses pressurized water to blast away stains and dirt, without the use of harsh chemicals. While sometimes a cleaning solution may be added, a professional cleaner will make sure that it is biodegradable, safe and won’t harm you or your garden.

2. Pressure Washing Can be Used on Different Surfaces and Materials

Pressure washing is also ideal when you have a variety of different surfaces in your yard. Whether you have a wooden deck or a brick patio, this cleaning method is versatile enough to handle many different surfaces. A professional cleaner can adjust the washer’s pressure and select the appropriate nozzle for the material being cleaned, making sure there won’t be any damage. A good professional cleaner will also take measures to restore and protect the surface, so it looks like new again and lasts longer as well.

3. Pressure Washing Quickly Removes Years Worth of Mold, Mildew and Grime

Over the years, all those stains and dirt have built up around your home. Not only does it detract from its appeal, but it can even be a danger to your health. A mossy hardscaping can cause you to slip, and with the winter snow heading our way, the hazard will only increase. That’s why you want to get rid of it before winter sets in. Therefore, you should highly consider hiring a professional pressure washer to eliminate years worth of hard-to-remove muck from your hardscaping.

Pressure Washing for Your Fall Cleanup in Oakland County

The annual fall cleanup doesn’t have to be a chore this year. Hire a professional pressure washer to not only help you save time, but also make your home more beautiful and appealing. A pressure washer will also prepare your outdoor space for winter, and after they have finished the job, may even increase the value of your property.

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