macomb-county-hard-water-stain-removalWe have all seen hard water stains in our bathrooms or kitchens at one time or another—those pesky, cloudy, sometimes chalky smears on the shower wall or around the edge of the sink. When these stains occur on the exterior of our homes, though, they can be on a much larger scale and become a nuisance to try to scrape off.

Hard water stains are caused by minerals in the water, which of course are not a negative thing, until they begin to build up and discolor the surfaces they plague. Shocking reddish brown stains indicate that there is a large amount of iron in the water, while bronze and metal trim can turn a blue-green color. The mineral-rich water settles on a surface, likely from lawn irrigation, gutter run-off, or outdoor faucets, and then evaporates. What mineral deposits are left behind afterward cause the stains. Indoors, it would be simple to spray down a bathtub or wipe off metal faucets, but outside, they require much more work. Hard water can build up on bricks, fencing, siding, and concrete, and lead to unsightly bright-colored stains that can ruin the appearance of your home or landscaping.

Removing these stains by hand would require you to know exactly which minerals and chemical processes caused them in the first place, which oftentimes is best left to a professional pressure washing company. The chemical solvent applied can vary greatly, and using the wrong one could be a waste of both your time and money. Another reason to call a professional pressure washing company in these cases is that the surfaces where hard water stains are likely to exist are more prone to being fragile. More delicate surfaces such as brick or fencing should not be pressure washed unless they are proven to be strong enough and in good enough condition, and the amount of pressure used is critical. Crumbling brick or walls with pieces of mortar missing should not be pressure washed; the same goes for splintering fences or pathways with cracking pieces. If you are unsure if your bricks or fencing are strong enough and in good condition to be pressure washed, seek the assistance of a professional pressure washing company.

Hard water stains are difficult to prevent, but after the stains have been cleaned from your home or landscaping, it is a good idea to seal the surface in whatever manner possible. Sealing will extend the life of your surface and lead to easier clean-up in the future. It is also recommended that if your hard water stains surround irrigation points or faucets, you should make sure that there are no leaks or cracks in those systems. It is much easier to overlook a dripping outdoor faucet than an indoor one, so giving everything a quick inspection and tightening anything that could cause problems is an easy fix that could cut down on hard water stains in the future.

Pressure Washing Hard Water Stains in Metro Detroit

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