Here's How to Get Rid of Graffiti with Pressure Washing There is no shortage of people who see graffiti as an urban art form and see it as an artist’s way of expressing their ideas and views on the canvas most easily available to them. However, many see graffiti as a form of vandalism. Grafitti or tagging is especially incredibly annoying when it is done by amateurs who, instead of putting out a sensible message to the public, end up destroying a building or structure. When this happens, the only option is to get rid of the graffiti. A recent survey revealed that areas and neighborhoods that remove graffiti as soon as it appears on walls can better control amateur artists by dissuading them from making repeated attempts. Artists also lose their fervor with time as they do not see any point in pouring their efforts to create something that will only last a few days.

So, How Is Graffiti Removed?

Getting rid of purposeless graffiti is not an easy job. For years, people used the age-old technique that is sandblasting to get rid of graffitis. However, these days, most property owners and government officials prefer to go with pressure washing. This preference for pressure washing is primarily since unlike sandblasting, pressure washing does not harm the surface or the property. More importantly, pressure washing is a more effective and efficient way of getting rid of dirt and grime present alongside the graffiti. It does not matter what the surface is made of — pressure washing can be used to get rid of graffiti from stones, brick, wood, and metal surfaces.

However, when people decide to go with pressure washing to get rid of graffiti, they must not make the mistake of using pressure washing equipment on their own, which are quite easily available these days. Getting rid of graffiti is not as simple as getting rid of dirt and grime — professional experience is required in the case. Only a professional with experience and training will know which equipment should be used on which surface. Similarly, they will also have a better idea of which chemicals are harmful to the environment and thus, must be avoided and which chemicals will be most effective with which kind of graffiti. Try cleaning graffiti on your own and you will likely end up causing damage you did not intend to do.

The Final Word

For any neighborhood, district, and city, maintaining a clean environment and image is very crucial and while creative graffiti adds to the appeal of an area, bad graffiti takes away its beauty. Authorities can’t create a graffiti control task force. However, they most certainly can get rid of bad art as soon as possible. If you truly are a victim of vandalism, you have every right to get rid of any signs that any amateur street artist may have left behind on your property. However, when you decide to get rid of signs of vandalism and bad graffiti, make sure you hire a professional pressure washing company to do the job. Contact them and have them send over their most experienced and skilled professional — graffiti removal is a tricky job and must not be taken lightly. 

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