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Relaxing on the deck with a few patio chairs and friends after a long work week is lovely. It’s even lovelier when the deck is in great condition.

Since decks don’t usually have coverings, they’re subject to Michigan’s weather, elements, and natural disasters. If built right, your deck probably has withstood the worst for many years but doesn’t look so good for wear. Giving your deck a thorough cleaning can make it look good rain or shine. Here’s how you can touch it up easily.

First, Inspect Your Deck

Before you do anything, evaluate the deck to see what needs repairing. It’s easier to fix now than after your deck has been refurbished. Are there loose boards? Protruding nails? Splinters? Loose bolts that connect the structure to your home? Many fixes can be done yourself. Nail down loose boards, remove or replace nails, sand down splintered wood, and replace the bolts. If there’s larger damage, you may need to hire a professional contractor to fix any damage to the underside or replace certain parts.

Clean Up Your Deck

Now that everything is structurally sound, you’ll want to work with a flat, even surface. If you’ve used a stain before, scrape off the old using a putty knife. You don’t have to get too crazy, as a power washer will remove the rest. Even if you consistently sweep and hose down your deck, there’s some grime that can’t be rid of without special help. A power washer blasts grime and dirt much more effectively than hands-and-knees scrubbing. You can rent one from your local hardware store to easily remove built up debris. A pressurer washer can even get rid of stains from food or oil; just add a special cleaner to the pressure washer and follow the bottle’s instructions. At this point, your deck will already sparkle. Now you just have to add the finishing touch.

Apply a Stain to Your Deck

Staining the wood will give your deck a glossy look while protecting it from damage. This should be replaced at least once a year to ensure it does its job. Pick up a bucket of semi-transparent stain to keep the deck’s color while adding a little glow. Using a roller, apply the stain everywhere no more than three feet at a time, and then use a paintbrush to smooth the surface and reach gaps and cracks. Continue the application until the floor, sides, and railings look new. Additionally, you can cover the deck with a large tarp or canopy to protect it from rain and debris while the stain dries. It should be ready in at least 24 hours.

Unfortunately, a deck isn’t exactly a “set and forget” type project. You should pressure wash and reapply more stain at least once a year to ensure its protected and in great condition. It’s absolutely worth it for having a place to entertain, eat, or relax.

Michigan Deck Restoration, Cleaning and Staining

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