Is Pressure Washing Siding a Good Idea?One of the tasks listed on the to-do list of homeowners during the hot months of summer is washing the siding of their houses. Be it grime or bird droppings, homeowners want their houses to be spotless clean during the summer. One of the ways of cleaning the siding of your house is pressure washing. But this method comes with a warning. Homeowners must be careful when deciding to pressure wash the siding on their own or hiring a professional service to complete the job.

The Risks Involved in Pressure Washing

The risk involved in pressure washing is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up damaging your house in the process. Another risk involved in this method is that people always shoot upwards. This makes the water get through the vents in the siding and cause the wood between the siding and your house to rot. If it’s not the wood, the water can damage the siding.

The Recommended Way

The recommended way to clean the siding is to hire a professional service, but the one that knows how to clean the siding with a suitable detergent and low pressure.

The Problem with Common Pressure Washing

Actually, pressure washing is a more recommended method to clean concrete decks and surfaces. When it comes to cleaning house sidings, pressure washing is not a very good way of doing that with just water and no detergent. It’s like cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher or running your car through a carwash without using a detergent. Using only water pressure to clean the siding does not make much sense, because all the grime and algae that you’re trying to clean will come back the next year if it’s not properly disinfected.  

What is the Recommended Way of Pressure Washing?

The most important thing that you need to add to the pressure washing process is a custom soap mixture that works as a fungicide and algaecide. Secondly, try using a gun that can shoot water at the siding from thirty feet. Use a soft brush to scrub the siding prior to rinsing it with the water pressure. And most importantly, using low pressure is better so that water cleans the siding instead of damaging it.

Pressure washing is an art that requires the person doing it to have all the knowledge about it – the different scenarios in which the pressure washing process would have to be altered and all about how rust reacts to the water pressure.

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